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Get exclusive access to a customised portal so that you can you can find all the resources, replays and surprise gifts in one place.

learning portal for personal development
Webinars for life coaching support

Get an opportunity to watch the webinars back again and pick up some new gems!

Dive deeper into each of the concepts by working through a variety of bonus resources that help you apply what you're learning.

Exclusive content for self improvement
Discounts on self help products

Get exclusive discounts on other products and services available from Amarkai Group.

Participate in a 'closed door' private, live VIP Q&A* event to have frank conversations about the challenges you're facing and how to overcome them.

*23 April 2022 at 9am BST

Access to life coach in london Anthea Armar

And maybe some additional bonuses along the way, we'll see!



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The SHiFT by Anthea Armar

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