Do you have a clear direction on how to build your coaching business, now that you are ready to help people?

If you answered ‘no’ to that last question, that is just fine. You are not alone. The Amarkai Group is providing 1:1 business strategy support for coaches, mostly newly certified, who understand how to coach but not how to set up their business effectively for growth.

Our Activate consulting programme has been created to give you the most rewarding experience with us, whereby you can walk away with clarity of your purpose and the strategy to achieve it locked in.

"I was able to zero in on what I would be doing to move my business forward with clear goals."

Simon McKenzie, Social Media Strategist, London

We understand that once you get qualified, you can be left with wondering “What do I do next?”

For some, this is a difficult question to answer. Working with Anthea, she will guide you to discover and implement the steps required to set yourself up on your chosen life course.

For some, this is a difficult question to answer. Working with Anthea, she will guide you to discover and implement the steps required to set yourself up on your chosen life course.

Anthea knows that the beginning can be daunting, and she wants to work with you every step of the way to launch your business and realise your dreams.

Our goal is to support you in achieving your business goals by getting you up and running without overwhelming systems, pouring funds into paid marketing and heavily investing in social media strategies. The approach we take is to give you long term, sustainable growth based on a more organic marketing style.

Through the 1:1 consulting, you will gain even more clarity on the vision you have for your life and business. You will also be supported in setting up your own 3–6-month strategy for business growth.

Across 6 weeks we will work together which will look like this:

  • Week 1 - Purpose - understanding the vision for your life and business
  • Week 2 - Services - outlining the services you want to offer
  • Week 3 - Strategy - outlining a strategy for the next 3-6 months to grow your business
  • Week 4 - Systems - identifying the systems that will support strategy implementation
  • Week 5 - Platforms - identifying the platforms you want to use to raise awareness and create clients
  • Week 6 - Implementation - highlight progress, identify gaps and validate your action plan


Wellbeing in the workplace is essential for staff success and should be a top priority for senior stakeholders.

Wellbeing refers to the physical, mental and emotional health of employees. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Good health leads to fewer absences, more engagement and higher morale.

Implementing an organisation wide approach to employee wellbeing shows employees that their health and wellbeing is valued over the bottom line. Wellbeing initiatives can include workshops on effective leadership, burnout prevention, stress management and work/life balance, as well as building healthy working relationships, staying healthy when working from home and many more. By taking a proactive approach to employee wellbeing, senior stakeholders can create a positive work environment that leads to success.

“Thank you so much for putting the workshop together and hosting it today. I felt it was very productive and having your professional input was really appreciated.”

Darren Barrett, Business Change Lead, England

Employees should also have access to mental health resources and be aware of the support available to them in their day to day interactions. Wellbeing is essential to a thriving workplace.


We have a variety of workshops covering a range of wellbeing topics that can be used to support your staff in the workplace, ranging from Mental Health, Leadership and Personal Development to Positive Relationships and Physical Health and many more.

Book a call with Amarkai Group to discuss Wellbeing in your Workplace.

effective communication skills between employees

Effective Communication Skills

Increase your confidence in communicating with others in a variety of situations and build stronger, positive working relationships.

Critical Thinking Image by Bruce Mars (Unsplash)

Critical Thinking


Explore the critical thinking skills and methods that can be used to solve problems more effectively, creating more success in your business.

Mental Health Awareness

Mind Over Matter: The Mental Health Struggle

Break the taboo of common mental disorders employees experience to make use of the tools needed to identify the signs and reduce their impact.

From procrastination to productivity photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

From Procrastination to Productivity

Reprioritise your tasks to increase your daily effectiveness so that you can go from doing nothing to doing everything that matters.

effective communication skills between employees

Transforming Burnout to Bliss

Reduce feelings of stress and burnout by understanding your drivers for motivation so that you can restore balance in your day.

Critical Thinking Image by Bruce Mars (Unsplash)

Coping With Change and Uncertainty

Reframe your thinking to welcome whatever life throws your way and identify the ways in which it is happening for you, not to you.

Mental Health Awareness

Exchanging Stress for Satisfaction

Release stress and its burdens to manage your work day to day with confidence whilst improving your wellbeing and job satisfaction.

From procrastination to productivity photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Building a Growth Mindset for Change

Harness the power of your thoughts to welcome lasting change by developing a more positive mindset that will help you achieve your life goals.

At Amarkai Group, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of employee education and training. Our workshops are designed to educate, inspire and transform your employees' perspectives, offering them the tools and resources they need to identify and implement change.

Whether it's improving wellbeing or developing new skills, our workshops are engaging, practical and use proven models, techniques or processes. And because we're always keeping abreast of the latest developments, we're able to offer new workshops that meet day-to-day and long-term business challenges.

“Anthea is an extremely reliable and results-oriented consultant, who is excellent at helping us achieve our objectives… Her output is methodical and consistent, and backed up with excellent documentation from user-friendly manuals to technical reports.”

Maya Middlemiss, Spain

If you do not see a workshop that meets your needs, please do not hesitate to book a call with us so that we can discuss your challenges and create something that helps you to address them.

Other Useful Information

  • Format: In Person (At your UK workplace) / Virtual (Global)
  • Duration: Each workshop is 90 minutes and webinars are 1 hour. Depending on your requirements, workshop and webinar content can be condensed or expanded. These are available upon request.
  • Investment: Workshops and webinars start from £850

If you're looking for a trusted partner to help your employees and your business thrive, look no further.

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We put as much passion and joy into our training service as we do speaking, consultancy or coaching. This is about supporting you in presenting your best selves to the people that matter most.

If you are intending to deliver a training project, we can help you. We can offer consultancy services determined by you. For example, if you need support in setting up an onboarding programme, strategy and planning for a new project, brainstorming ideas, training delivery or providing support on an ongoing project.

“Thank you for delivering the required training for this project, in particular for volunteering yourself to learn the software and deliver the training in order to sae the project close to £100k on the costs that the external supplier wanted to charge. It's very much appreciated.”

Pia Asare, Senior Project Manager, London

“Anthea, that is really good to hear, and all credit is to you. The quality of your work is second to none and we are extremely proud to have you representing ICT in good light. Thanks for your efforts and keep up the good work.”

Shazad Qadeer, ICT Delivery Lead, London

We have over two decades of experience in the implementation of multiple training solutions to deliver national technology, change and transformation programmes. We will help you produce the optimum training resource through learning needs analysis, in-depth knowledge around developing Learning Proposals to support Project objectives, Design and Development of Learning materials, Delivery, Evaluation and more.

Services offered in our training consultancy are:

  • Training proposals
  • Full training lifecycle
  • Strategy and planning
  • Design and development (workshops, presentations, courses, eLearning)
  • Training delivery (in-person/virtual)
  • Training support (reviews/QA etc.)
  • Project evaluation (lessons learnt)
  • Train the trainer

Client Case Studies


If your business does not have a strategy, or the resources to implement one, then you will benefit from a bespoke training package. One that will support the growth and stability of your business.

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