Delivering inspiring, thought-provoking and impactful talks that are insightful and engaging.

Anthea Armar

I am passionate about speaking on topics that encourage individuals to fulfil their greatest potential.

Everything we experience in life is driven by our thoughts. Being able to connect with others, if only for a moment, allows me to plant the seeds that can change the trajectory of a person's life, work or business.

"I am a walking novel, full of stories that can empower others to turn the page in their lives."

Anthea Armar

With more than 20 years of public and private sector training experience, Anthea is able to focus on reshaping your point of view, with immediately applicable tools to change and reshape your mindset.

These tried and tested methods have been built from Anthea’s own experiences throughout everyday life, work, travel and through her photography lens.

Anthea enables you to challenge your own thoughts and offers you new insights to engage you and help you to make the adaptation of life you desire. This is all done through opening up opportunities and freedom to you in your own, personal life.

"There is only growth on the other side of fear."

Sue Curr

Through the Amarkai Group, Anthea offers keynote talks on a variety of themes, that are designed to leave you feeling inspired to think and therefore act to do something different to achieve the outcomes you truly desire.

Rational, with a down to earth sense of humour, Anthea is a bundle of lively energy who stands out, uses her commitment to her craft as a public speaker to add joy and laughter to her way of public speaking. She will leave you feeling spurred, roused and open to probability, long after she's left the stage. At the point when not instructing, preparing or talking, you can discover Anthea cooking or making the rounds with her camera, seeing the world from a new perspective.

The Amarkai Group provides inspirational talks and speaking engagements for business owners, event producers and organisations that want to get a flavour of Anthea’s personality.

At the heart of the sessions delivered to you, Anthea likes to add a little giggle, understanding that it makes any exercise far more memorable.

Anthea believes that a speaker ought to be intelligent in their delivery, engaging, and give incredible substance that is both straightforward and applicable in your day-to-day life.

Anthea brings her experience as an energetic exercise to music class instructor to the table in order to draw in her crowd, conveying quality business solutions and ideas with vibrant energy, laughs and polished methodology.

"I am a walking novel, full of stories that can empower others to

turn the page in their lives."

Anthea Armar

If you are ready to be inspired by the prospect of change then the Amarkai Group Keynote is for you.

"There is only growth on the other side of fear …. When we get comfortable with that we can move ever forward to becoming who we really are, who we were meant to be before the world taught us otherwise."

Sue Curr

Anthea believes that a speaker ought to be intelligent in their delivery, engaging, and give incredible substance that is both straightforward and applicable in the audience's day-to-day life. Anthea brings her experience as an energetic exercise to music class instructor to the table in order to draw in her crowd, convey intriguing ideas and share practical solutions with vibrant energy, laughs and polished methodology.

The Keynotes offered by Anthea are perfect for entrepreneurs, business leaders and their teams with a focus on:

growth mindset to build resiience

Adopting a Growth Mindset

Reframing thoughts to see challenges as opportunities resulting in increased motivation, performance and resilience. Utilising Amarkai Group's A.C.T. (Accept. Create. Transform) Framework for accelerated change.

mental health and wellbeing keynote speaker

Mental Health / Wellbeing

Looking at ways to create happy, healthy workforces that enable both people and businesses to thrive. Discussing topics such as burnout, stress, procrastination and building relationships.

leadership skills for business success


Exploring how leaders can inspire their teams to realise their fullest potential and enhance the success of their business through improving their own critical thinking, executive presence, time management and effective communication.

purpose driven entrepreneurs and life fulfilment

Finding and Fulfilling Purpose

Helping those are lost in the expectations of others to find their own purpose to fulfil, so they can create impact in the world. Exploring the different mediums that support their passions, skills and dreams to feel alive once more.

managing change in organisations people process technology and culture

Managing Change

Addressing the people, process and technological challenges to be faced by organisations undergoing change. Draws on concepts from change management, process improvement, people and culture.

confidence clarity and strategies for overwhelmed entrepreneurs without the need for social media

The Entrepreneurial Journey

Helping heart centred entrepreneurs build confidence, clarity and strategies so they can create the impact they are so passionate about. Utilising Amarkai Group's A.C.T. (Accept. Create. Transform) Framework for business success

Your audience will leave with:

  • Awareness of the limiting beliefs and experiences that are contributing to their everyday challenges

  • Strategies for managing / improving the challenges discussed

  • The knowledge, energy, and inspiration to take action for positive change.

Each talk is tailored to include the main challenges faced by your audience, business terminology and cultural considerations.

Keynotes and Speaking Engagements

This is where Anthea shines and you will benefit most from her expertise. Attending in person or online, depending on what the situation calls for, she will deliver a talk at summits, in social media groups, podcasts, conferences and within office spaces. The perfect opportunity for you to have a tailored and interactive session that will empower you and your team as well as inspire progressive change.

We have a selection of Speaking services to fit many needs, so… If you are looking to:

  • Build excitement
  • Increase confidence
  • Equip problem solvers
  • Empower productivity
  • Boost morale
  • Increase commitment
  • Inspire leadership
  • Transform lives…

Mindset for Success Video Series

The Mindset for Success Video Series is a 5-part video series used as part of onboarding into an organisation or programme. Speaking to the power of mindset in your circumstances and is based on the A.C.T. Framework.

This service is for those of you who have an ongoing number of people who may need the message, but your organisation want to minimise the cost of having Anthea attend to speak every time a new cohort starts.

How to A.C.T Workshop

This is an empowering workshop (online or face to face) exploring three steps to change your mindset in order to create success in life through action. We offer this service for organisations who may find value in a more interactive service, instead of a talk.

Improve your relationships by learning how to communicate more effectively in every area of your life.

Learn the 11 principles needed for highly effective leadership and become the dynamic leader you've always wanted to be.

Become more resilient by embracing the power of self growth and adopting a growth-oriented approach to life.

Some of the Other Workshops available

Amarkai Speaks

See Anthea in action! Whether it's keynotes, videos, interviews or facilitation, her impact is always felt.

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About Anthea Armar - Speaker Bio

Anthea is an empowering, faith filled, international coach, speaker and learning consultant on a mission to educate, inspire and transform the minds of those desiring to create more impact in the world.

The face and founder of Amarkai Group, she utilises her 20 years’ experience working with an array of organisations, such as Reckitt Benckiser, Ernst & Young, Financial Times, Visa Europe, Serco, Unilever and Google Digital Garage, amongst others, to affect change in people, processes and technology.

A thought provoking, quirky, calmly energetic speaker, Anthea attracts attention, engagement and the occasional giggle from the get go, leaving you feeling inspired, awakened and eager to take action to level up.

With an understanding that your thoughts create your experience of the world, her mission is to challenge you to consider what would be possible, if your mind had no limits.

When not speaking, coaching or training, you will find Anthea cooking, creating or out with her camera, creating new perspectives.

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