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Anthea of the Amarkai Group is the brains behind the mindset change tool - A.C.T, which is a three-step principle – Accept, Create and Transform. The A.C.T. principle is used to help you overcome barriers, limiting beliefs and thought processes that have prevented you from achieving your dreams. Then it empowers you through supporting you in the creation of the person you want to be and the reality that you want to live.

The A.C.T Framework


Everything that has happened in your life has been because of the decisions you have made. It's okay. You are where you are. You have an opportunity to accept that, without judgment, and free yourself from the guilt, shame and blame and take ownership. Let go.


You get to decide what your life looks like by creating it. When you release yourself from all the guilt, the fears, the negative self-talk and unrealistic expectations, you get to create success in your life and business by imagining and believing in what you want. Get into action.


Through creation, you will continuously be offered the opportunity to evolve. Your vision, your habits, your systems, your services and your mindset. Life isn't static and the best way to create success is to focus on being a better version of yourself. Level Up!

About Anthea

Anthea Armar is a coach, learning and business consultant and motivational speaker who values honesty, creativity and a sense of adventure. She will leave you feeling motivated, inspired and open to possibility, long after she’s “left the stage.”

She is no stranger to ‘life’, having experienced its often-turbulent ups and downs.

Anthea Age 19 talking of university - “It started back in 2000, when I was 19 years old… I didn't think I was good enough, important enough, liked enough or smart enough to be there.

I changed university and subjects and battled all the way through to completion. Relief that I hadn't failed. So I gave my mum the letter and said "here is your degree."

Anthea is now dedicating her time to offer coaching to help men and women get out of their heads and into action by changing their mindset to create a successful life and business.

You have a business idea, but you don't know how to get started.

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Want to push past your fears?

Through our Coaching services, we are able to help you overcome your fears, which may be putting up the barriers to your success and stopping you from realising your dreams, both personal and professional.

Speaking is in Anthea’s DNA, with more than 18 years of public and private sector training experience, Anthea is able to focus on reshaping your point of view, with immediately applicable tools to change and reshape your mindset.

Working with Anthea in a 1:1 consultant capacity, she will guide you to discover and set yourself up to develop your life and business.

Previous Clients include:

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